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There are numerous ways of getting commercially involved with the Malta International Airshow, hailed by The Times as the second largest yearly outdoor event after the Trade Fair, even though it’s held just over one weekend.

It could start from just a quarter page advert on the official souvenir programme to adding the company’s name to the title itself of the event. In between there are enormous opportunities. For instance, a company can sponsor one or more of the participating aircraft, or even one of the display teams that regularly participate at this international event.

Or one can host a number of its preferred clients and/or employees to an afternoon at the airshow, starting with a meal, free entry tickets and car-parking, ending with a memorable group-photo by one of the aircraft of the company’s choice. The space at the venue allows for streamers/banners to be exhibited in allocated areas where the airshow is held. Additionally, the company can have its own stand near the static-aircraft park where company representatives can market its products or services.

There is a seated VIP stand at the airshow where all invited guests are welcomed to the area with a beverage and light snacks for the duration of the air display (Sunday only), for them to enjoy the spectacle more comfortably. These opportunities and more are all available at the Malta International Airshow. The event has a running commentary during most of the day and our commentator would be happy to mention the various sponsors/advertisers of the event during the airshow. There is hardly a need to add that the airshow is the most-photographed event of the year.

The Malta International Airshow truly offers different marketing opportunities. The visiting public at the show is composed of all strata of society, with whole families making the largest portion of the visitors. The airshow pulls a big crowd to the Malta International Airport grounds with an average attendance of 12,000 people.

The local media extensively covers the event and for example PBS has regularly featured the show in its main news and The Times usually publishes pictures on both its front and back page while occasionally also providing a centre-spread covering the Malta International Airshow.

Most of the people that attend the airshow are Aviologists, Family Groups, Maltese and overseas air force personnel, MAS volunteers, Tourists on holiday in Malta and aircraft enthusiasts from all aspects of aviation from spotters, scale model makers and students from MCAST and other aviation related schools.

Get in touch with us on, state your preference or ideas and together we will work a plan to satisfy the company’s marketing needs at the event, we are open for other ideas so please contact us and we see what can be done.

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