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Malta Int'l Airshow 2020 is ON!



Smoke, On, Go!  for the Malta International Airshow 2020.

While still early to predict any participants, the Malta Aviation Society (MAS) is actively working towards resurrecting past contacts and making it known to potential participants that Malta is on with its airshow this September.  

The venue for the flying display will be in the Northern part of the Island while it is yet unknown if there will be a static display open to the public.  MAS will publish further updates as they unfold in the coming weeks.

At present, the MAS is setting up deferred meetings with major stakeholders in Malta connected to the airshow to form the basis for the event that laid dormant for the past three months.

The Malta Aviation Society would like to thank all involved in making preparations for this year's airshow possible again and MAS will endeavor to provide the public with a safe and enjoyable event, subject to the Covid-19 situation continuing to improve in Malta and abroad.


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