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Introducing the Malta International Airshow, the biggest outdoor event in Malta! With its breathtaking displays of aviation skills and technology, this event attracts people of all backgrounds and ages. If you're looking for a marketing campaign that will reach a diverse audience and give your brand maximum exposure, advertising at the Malta International Airshow is the way to go.


Organised by the Malta Aviation Society, the Malta International Airshow is one of the most highly attended events in the country, with tens of thousands of people attending each year. This means your brand will be seen by a huge number of potential customers, giving you maximum exposureand brand recognition.

Such events attract people from all walks of life, from aviation enthusiasts to families looking for a fun day out. This means you can target a diverse range of demographics with your advertising, from young children to adults. Some of the biggest names in aviation support the event making it a highly prestigious and respected event. By advertising alongside these high-profile sponsors, you will be associated with excellence and quality.

Get in touch with us on, state your preference or ideas and together we will work a plan to satisfy the company’s marketing needs at the event, we are open for other ideas so please contact us and we see what can be done.

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